Transpharmation: A marked change in the optimisation of a pharmacy business through the implementation and utilisation of technology.

Have you always wanted to be able to receive the maximum benefits of current and future technology – quickly and efficiently?

Would you like to be able to seamlessly integrate technology into your business without mass disruption?

You’re about to learn how to embrace technology to build a smarter, more successful 21st century pharmacy before it’s too late…

Transpharmation also helps pharmacy owners like you decide on the best possible options for their individual needs. I wrote Transpharmation with the practical, real-world insights of a second-generation pharmacist. As a pharmacist for 15 years, I have tested the boundaries of what technologies can be adopted easily into the pharmacy ecosystem and can pass this information on to help your business survive…and thrive. If you have always wanted to embrace technology to help you build a smarter, successful and more profitable business, then this is the book for you.

Our journey starts here… To give you even greater value and assistance, I have also produced an accompanying workbook mobile application that you can access easily – from anywhere and any time you choose. Reading Transpharmation and implementing the strategies I share will help you craft a 12-month roadmap to take immediate action in your pharmacy.

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